About the Heart Gallery

In 2001, the first Heart Gallery was organized in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The idea was simple: To have talented photographers create inspiring portraits and of children who were waiting for adoption. The first Heart Gallery exhibit was an exciting success, attracting more than 1,200 visitors and initiating the adoption of six waiting children.

Just one year later the Oklahoma Heart Gallery was born. It was the second Heart Gallery in the nation, and today it is one of more than 80 across the United States.

The Oklahoma Heart Gallery is committed to the highest standards of Honesty and Integrity.  We believe that children are our most precious resource and should always feel safe and every child should have a family to call their own.

The Oklahoma Heart Gallery uses the power of photography and videography to raise awareness, inspire and educate communities, and recruit adoptive families for legally free children in every state.

Our desire is to enrich Foster and Adoptive Parents by sharing resources that will help with education, promote awareness that will improve the standard of living and quality of life through educational video tutorials and stories, and offer assistance to families of foster and adoptive children to fill in the gaps during fundamental moments such as Christmas and Birthdays. 

We know that strong and thriving foster parents need a community of like-minded individuals to wrap arms around them and empower each other, which is why our Free Events, like our Photo Events, which capture Graduation Photo, Family Photo, Adoption Days, Sweet 16 Photos, and more.  Along with our Fall Festivals and other activities, are so important to Foster and Adoptive Families. 

The phenomenal work of Oklahoma Heart Gallery is the result of a team of photographers, videographers, volunteers, Board of Directors, and staff all working together for one common goal. . . .Our Children!

The mission of the Oklahoma Heart Gallery is to be a resource for foster and adoptive families through the power of connection and storytelling.