Additional Resources

Every child deserves a family. When you adopt from the foster care system, you change a child’s life by providing the love, security and hope they so desperately need. The Oklahoma Heart Gallery works with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to help find adoptive families for our waiting children.

Oklahoma Adoption Information

Oklahoma Department of Human Services
Oklahoma Department of Human Services’ program information, online resources, library and more.

Oklahoma Fosters
Resources and support for families seeking to adopt or foster Oklahoma’s waiting children.


General Adoption Information
Information, resources and support for families who are seeking to adopt or who are parenting adopted children.
Articles, videos and other media shared by members of the adoption community.

Adoption Information
Articles and tips for those considering adoption or raising an adopted child.
Adoption guides, waiting child profiles and other resources.
Adoption community and online resource with editorial content, videos, interviews, articles and blogs, as well as adoption and foster care resources.

Adoptive Families Magazine
Publication focused on adoptive and prospective adoptive families.

Adopt US Kids
Funded by the U.S. government, this site provides information, resources and referrals to families seeking to foster and adopt.

Child Welfare Information Gateway
Comprehensive source of information, publications and helpful links.

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Free, step-by-step adoption guide published by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Foster Family to Forever Family
Developed by the National Adoption Center, “Foster Family to Forever Family” is the first course in “The Adoption Roadmap” online training series. Relevant for all prospective adoptive parents, adoption professionals and other professionals working with adoptive families and children.

North American Council on Adoptable Children
Education, information-sharing and support for adoptive parents.


Financial Assistance

A Child Waits Foundation
Provides adoption grants and low-interest loans to families adopting internationally.

Adoption Tax Credit
The Federal Adoption Tax Credit offers adoptive families an income tax break of over $13,000 to cover adoption expenses, as well as for expenses incurred in domestic adoptions of children with special needs.

Adopt US Kids
Adopt US Kids has compiled a list of financial resources and support for adoptive parents.

Gift of Adoption Fund
Provides adoptive families with grants to support domestic and international adoptions.
Provides qualified couples and individuals (regardless of race, religion, marital status or sexual preference) with grants of up to $15,000 to fund foster, domestic or international adoption expenses.

Military Family Reimbursements
Active-duty military families can receive reimbursements of up to $2,000 for adoption costs. Contact your military branch for more information.

National Adoption Foundation
Offers grants, loans and other funding options for adoptive families.

Show Hope (Shaohannah’s Hope)
Awards financial grants to qualified families already in the process of domestic and international adoption.