Family Found!
Valerie J. (10) & Alejandro J. (9)

Valerie J. (10) & Alejandro J. (9) - Family Found!

Age: 9 and 10

Valerie and Alejandro are very social, active and care very much for each other.  Valerie is compassionate, playful and easy going.  She enjoys watching movies, playing with Shopkins and Mindcraft.  Valerie would like to be a hairstylist or an artist.  Alejandro loves soccer and swimming.  He is very imaginative with logos.  He wants to be a police officer.  Both Valerie and Alejandro love holidays!

Photo courtesy of Gay Larson

Dante DHS3 Valerie & Alex from Oklahoma Fosters on Vimeo.

To inquire about any of our Oklahoma Heart Gallery children, please contact:

DHS by completing the agency’s online form or by calling 1-800-376-9729.