Saharra and Jayden B.

Saharra and Jayden B.

Birthday: January 2006
Age: 15

Saharra and Jayden are often called the terrific twosome. Saharra is a
cheerleader and Jayden plays football and basketball. Both are best at math in school. However there are differences, Saharra likes to longboard and listen to music, Country and Hip Hop. Jayden likes to play video games and watch sports on TV. He prefers Rap and his favorite movie is “Avengers Endgame”. Saharra’s favorite movie is “High School
Musical”. Saharra’s favorite quote is “follow your dreams, they know the
way”. She wants to be a cosmetologist and travel.  Double the blessing to any family.

Photo courtesy of Don Kreutzweiser

Saharrah and Jaydon B from Oklahoma Heart Gallery on Vimeo.

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