Ryley S.

Age: 13

Meet Ryley! Ryley’s playful spirit can be seen in the sparkle in her eyes. Ryley is known as a compassionate, friendly, social, fun, and playful child. She is unusually pleasant and cooperative in day to day life. Ryley loves art and especially drawing and coloring. She also loves singing, swimming, and reading! Ryley’s happiest times are when she is listening to Kids Bop music and playing video games or
doing her art. She is intelligent, makes good grades, and has a good memory. Ryley has a sense of humor that will make you smile, and sometimes displays wisdom and insight beyond her years.  Ryley needs a family who can understand her needs, provide her with encouragement, love, and understanding. She needs a family who is willing to move at her speed and not overwhelm her, and has
voiced that she would love a forever family with animals, such as horses, dogs, and cats.

Photo courtesy of Oklahoma DHS

Ryley S. from Becky Hahn on Vimeo.

To inquire about any of our Oklahoma Heart Gallery children, please contact:

DHS by completing the agency’s online form or by calling 1-800-376-9729.