Raymond “Ray” (14), Josiah (12), & Clarence F. (10)

Raymond “Ray” (14), Josiah (12), & Clarence F. (10)

Age: 14, 12, and 10

It’s heart-warming how much these three boys love each other. Ray and Clarence are sports lovers and play football, and basketball while Josiah is more artistic. However, Josiah will often join in on their games. They are all OKC Thunder fans. They all love to dance to Hip Hop and Rap music and they all play video games together. Science is the favorite subject of each of the boys. There are a few differences, as Ray is the dare devil and Josiah is the funny man and Clarence is the encourager, who loves to read and does origami.

Photo courtesy of Ray Peaster

Raymond,Josiah,Clarance F from Oklahoma Heart Gallery on Vimeo.

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