Pending Placement
Lucas B.

Lucas B.

Age: 15

Lucas is 15-year-old and a few months.  He is counting it down until he turns 16 because he is anxious to get his driver’s license.  He practices every chance he gets.  He loves classic cars and hopes to have one someday.  He is in 10th grade and does well.  He enjoys writing and working on a story about a Mystery, however, he is not an artist so he does not like drawing images.  He likes music such as Rap and even enjoys Classic when he is feeling down.  He would love to one day be a professional cook or baker.  He has his own creation which he calls, “Wild Berry Pie”. He even likes to design and would consider that as a career. He feels like he is a good friend and would be a great son or brother to a family.

Photo courtesy of Don Kreutzweiser

Lucas B from Oklahoma Heart Gallery on Vimeo.

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