Family Found!
Kevin S.

Kevin S. - Family Found!

Age: 12

He is a handsome young man with dark blonde hair, brown eyes and a great smile.
He has been described as being active, curious, fun, happy and outgoing. What caregivers say they like most about Kevin is that he is very quick, bright and has a witty sense of humor. He is also very kind, caring and enjoys helping others. Kevin is very resilient and says the animal that he’s most like is a shark. He said, “You can knock me down, but I’ll
just keep on swimming.”Kevin is energetic and enjoys all types of
sports. He also loves bike riding and running around like most boys his age. In addition, Kevin enjoys outdoors sports such as, hunting and fishing. He is also very creative and enjoys building things with Legos and wood. Playing video games and
Monopoly is other thing he likes to do. Kevin is all about pleasure and his favorite places to go are arcades, amusement parks and bowling.
Kevin likes eating pizza and popcorn like most kids, but says his favorite food is “Salad”. He enjoys Rock music and his favorite group is 21 Savage. Kevin is also an animal lover and likes taking care of pets. His favorite animal is a German Shephard. Kevin likes school and math is his favorite subject. Kevin says going to church, his Bible and staying in contact with his paternal grandmother are very important to him.
Kevin wants a traditional mother and father, with older children in the home. He needs caregivers who will encourage him, and provide lots of love, affection and one-on-one attention. He does best with a structure daily routine environment. He also needs a home where he can feel safe and wanted.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Miller

Kevin Final from Oklahoma Fosters on Vimeo.

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