Kendall (DJ) and Kendarian (KD) D.

Kendall (DJ) and Kendarian (KD) D.

Age: 14 and 16

“DJ” is very involved in sports and his favorite is basketball. He does very well in school, is very social, and has many friends. “DJ” also enjoys going to church. He is very close to his brother “KD”. He has a great deal of ambition and wants to be involved in sports and eventually create his own business. “KD” is considered a compassionate, friendly, and kind young man. He also plays basketball and loves video games, however, he is happiest playing basketball. “KD” does well in school, has a great smile, a fun personality, and easily makes friends. “KD” also enjoys going to church. What a double blessing they would add to any family.

Photo courtesy of Don Kreutzweiser

KD and DJ D-1 from Oklahoma Heart Gallery on Vimeo.

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