Kelly & Gene S.

Kelly & Gene S.

Age: Kelly S. (13) & Gene S. (14)

Kelly is a lovely young girl.  She is outgoing and playful.  Kelly enjoys the outdoors and plays softball and swimming in the summer.  She loves music and often sings along. Kelly excels in reading and has many books that she cherishes.  She is fond of animals, particularly horses and dolphins.  Kelly makes friends easily. Gene is a kind and respectful young man who enjoys drawing in his free time.  He likes being with his friends and his sister.  Gene enjoys video games and would like to create a game about animals.  He is fond of horseback riding.  He loves to listen to Michael Jackson songs.  Gene would like to be an artist in the future.

Photo courtesy of Justin Waits

Kelly and Gene S from Oklahoma Heart Gallery on Vimeo.

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