Pending Placement
Kayrin J.

Kayrin J.

Age: 12

Kayrin is a sweet young boy with black hair and brown eyes. Kayrin is compassionate, emotional, kind,
fun and playful. He loves tacos, French fries, and Mountain Dew. Kayrin is happy when he is outside and
doing things that bring him praise. He likes to be active and enjoys playing football and basketball.
Kayrin’s favorite possession is a pair of Jordan tennis shoes that his mother gave him. However, an
interesting fact about Kayrin is that he doesn’t like to wear shoes. Instead he prefers running around in
his socks. Kayrin greatly desires to be adopted. He needs a family who will understand the trauma he has
experienced, and can help him learn, grow, and reach his potential.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Miller

Kayrin 9 Final from Oklahoma Fosters on Vimeo.

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