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Harley N. (17) and Jesses N. (15)

Harley N. (17) and Jesses N. (15)

Birthday: March 2004
Age: 17

Harley and Jesses are called the dynamic duo! They are dedicated to each
other. Jesses has a big heart, is smart, social and has a strong sense of
family. Jesses looks up to her brother and even calls him her best friend.
Jesses has been a cheerleader in the past and wants to do it again in the
future. She loves her friends, video games and playing board games. She
loves to read and draw. Harley is an easy-going, social, athletic young
man. He loves and deeply cares for Jesses, He wants to be wherever she
is. Harley is a wrestler and had been for the last 6 years. He has a dry
sense of humor and has been called brilliant by his teachers. Both children
have a big heart and do very well in school. Some lucky family will only
need to guide them and spend quality time with them.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer DeCastro

Harley and Jesses N from Oklahoma Heart Gallery on Vimeo.

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