Pending Placement
Draven M.

Draven M.

Age: 16

Draven is 16 years old and has an amazing smile.  He enjoys playing video games with Mindcraft being his favorite because you can build things.  He likes to work with tools and not only build things on the computer but also with wood.  He helped his foster Dad build a bunk bed and really had a wonderful time.  He enjoys anything that allows you to follow the instructions.  Draven would like to travel to Hawaii or Africa and see the animals.  He does well in school making A’s and B’s with science being his favorite subject.  He would love a family who would play games with him, take trips with him, but most of all care and love him.  Time is valuable, please do not let another child age out.  Adopt!

Photo courtesy of Don Kreutzweiser

Draven M 1-2 from Oklahoma Heart Gallery on Vimeo.

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