Christopher B. (13) & Jazmine B. (15)

Christopher B. (13) & Jazmine B. (15)

Age: 15 & 13

Christopher and Jazmine are very close and depend on each other a great deal.  They are looking for a family who will love and guide them through life together.  Christopher is quite the artist.  He recently drew a beautiful portrait of his sister.  He is also very interested in science and does well in school.  He wants to be a photographer or an actor in his future.  His favorite movie is “Twilight”.

Jazmine also is extremely interested in science and does well at school.  She has a talent with children and loves babysitting.  Jazmine is fun and makes friends with ease.

Photo courtesy of Barry Selke

DHS Dante 2nd Jasmin & Christopher from Oklahoma Fosters on Vimeo.

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