Brandon S. – Birthdate 2004

Brandon S. – Birthdate 2004

Age: 16

Brandon can be reserved and quiet until he is discussing a particular topic of his personal interest. Brandon doesn’t like to be asked a lot of questions at one time. Caregivers have said that he is very loving and he has a good personality. He likes to watch movies and he enjoys listening to different kinds of music. He likes to spend time coloring and drawing. Art is his favorite subject and he actually excels in that area, especially in school. He likes receiving one on one attention and quality time from others. He does well in a structured routine; however, he is very adaptable, as he is able to adjust to a flexible environment as well. He loves being
able to have a lot of attention. Brandon responds well to authority figures, he loves animals and he is working on relating better with his peers. He tends to come off as being standoffish with his peers or in general groups. However, he just has a little difficulty connecting with them. Brandon likes spending time with his siblings (and other family members) when possible and he looks forward to any interaction he’s able to have with them. Brandon has a calm demeanor and likes interactions with his caregivers that make him feel loved. Interactions, such as cuddling on the couch, watching movies together, and spending one on one
time with them. Brandon loves working with his hands. He especially liked helping his foster parents rebuild their front porch. Brandon loves living in the country where it’s quiet; but he wouldn’t mind living in the city either.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Vorva

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