Family Found!
Bakila B. and Joaquin P.

Bakila B. and Joaquin P. - Family Found!

Age: Bakila B. (5) and Joaquin P. (4)

These siblings are a couple of active, sweet and fun children.

Bakila is happiest singing and listenting to country music.  She enjoys playing with her toys and being with her brother.  She often asks to help around the house and learn how to do new things.  Bakila is very fond of the movie Moana and wants to be like her when she grows up.

Joaquin is both active and easy going, however he is a bit quieter than his sister.  He likes music and playing outside.  Joaquin also loves and does very well at drawing.  He loves his sister and loves being with her.

Photo courtesy of Mary Beth Ede

Bakila and Joaquin from Oklahoma Heart Gallery on Vimeo.

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