Amaza & M’Catelan F. –

Amaza & M’Catelan F. –

Birthday: March 2009
Age: 12

M’Catelan is a very sweet girl with a heart of gold.  This 4th grader loves to play outside but really enjoys shopping.  She is blossoming into a young lady and spends time styling her hair and picking out outfits.  She wants to do more “grown up” things such as going to the mall.  She loves crafts and reading and goes regularly to the library with her little sister.

Amaza is very friendly, she loves everyone.  She is outgoing and loving. This outgoing  2nd grader is a “girly girl” who loves crafts, coloring and reading. Amaza has a growing interest toward math and science.  She loves animals and has a smile that radiates a room.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Vorva

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